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655 Dave Ward Drive, Suite 103

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Fax: (501) 205-1776

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Annual Wellness Checkups

Even if you feel great, annual wellness visits or physical examinations provide Dr. Ali and his staff at Noydeen Medical Group in Conway, Arkansas an opportunity to screen for issues such as elevated blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and other potentially serious conditions.

Annual Wellness Visit Q & A


Who needs an annual checkup?


Whether or not to schedule an annual physical depends on what you and your doctor desire.  Generally speaking, young and healthy individuals may decide they simply don’t need that once a year check. But many conditions caught on annual exams, such as hypertension, don’t exhibit symptoms that make you feel ill enough to see the doctor. Annual exams might identify these issues early, when treatment is typically most effective. Yearly physicals also establish a record of what’s normal for you when you’re feeling fine and help build a relationship with your primary care physician.


What happens during an annual checkup?


Typically, an annual exam lasts longer and covers more territory than that trip you make to the doctor when you’re experiencing acute symptoms related to infrequent illnesses such as viruses.  An annual physical may include:


  • Review of your vital signs, which include blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate
  • Discussion about your medical history and pertinent family medical history, such as a parent with diabetes since that condition can have familial ties
  • Review of the medications or supplements you take regularly
  • A thorough physical examination from your head to your toes, including palpation of your abdomen, listening to heart and lung sounds, and checking your reflexes
  • An annual testicular and prostate exam for men, typically depending on age and overall health
  • A gynecological exam for women


Will I have to have a shot?


Dr. Ali will review your vaccination status and may recommend a flu shot, pneumonia vaccine, tetanus booster, or other necessary immunization. It may be time for a cholesterol check, complete blood count, or other blood tests. Prescriptions of blood tests will vary depending on age, gender, and overall health. Routine screening tests such as mammograms and colonoscopies also depend on your age and health history. Once Dr. Ali reviews these lab results, he may contact you with recommendations for further diagnostic studies or recommend a healthier diet, increased physical activity, or other lifestyle adjustments based on your cholesterol levels or other areas showing room for improvement.


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